Ania Szczygieł

Ania Szczygieł, owner and fashion designer of SZCZYGIEL-. Graduated Cracow Schools of Art and Fashion Design in Poland 2021 at the faculty of Fashion Designer. 2018-2021, scholarship holder Polish Talent Support 2017, program supporting young polish talents from around the world. During the years I attended fashion contests which allowed me to challenge myself in different projects: Cracow Fashion Week 2018,2019,2020,2021,2022, 2023. Wroclaw Fashion Week 2021, 2022. LFW 2021, Urbban Fusion Festival Art and Fashion 2021, BCEFW AW22/23. Enter Fashion Show 2022. Open’er Fashion Stage 2022.

Finalist of Off Fashion 2021,2022, Winner of Cracow Fashion Awards 2021. Riga Fashion Week 2022, Virus Festival in Lithuania 2022. Budapest Central European Fashion Week AW23/24.

SZCZYGIEL- designed in accordance with the sustainability rules follow by unique and limited items. Brand presents opportunity to adapt to the challenges of your daily life while still retaining the edge in your style. Brand named as a strong and arresting marked in full force during LFW.